Technical characteristics for 4,0m (5,0m) domes

Dome material:
Сasing Aluminum sheet, 2 mm
Support frame   Аluminum structural shape
Overall height 4130 mm (4849 mm)
Dome outer diametere 4160 mm (5125 mm)
Bearing wall heights 1600 mm (1600 mm)
Watch window aperture  Controlled from  0 tо 1800 mm (2300 mm)
Watch window height, sector 110°
Capacity (number of people) 7-12
Dome rotation: Without limitation
Dome initial position: Without limitation
Positioning accuracy, angle: Not more than 1 degree
Operating temperature range:

Standard for drives and mechanisms
from -30°С to +50°С


Coating: Individual colorl
Casing outer coating film (3M, color/texture by catalogue,
coating warranty - 7 years)
Interior finish Individual 
Power  voltage: 220V
Power: up to 2.0 kW
Control: See section  Additional options 
Synchronizing with a telescope: See section  Additional options 
Net weight: 1700 kg (2000 kg)
Readiness condition: with installation on a "turnkey-basis"
Maintenance: yes
Warranty: up to 15 years

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