Order execution procedure

Stage I. Preliminary.

  • Inspecting at the customer’s site, estimation of conditions, examination of structures.
  • Specification of observatory options, preliminary equipping with telescope and accessories.
  • Determination of preliminary project cost.        

Stage II. Design.

  • Design operations for specific dome at specific object and customer’s site.
  • Interior design. Determination of finish materials.
  • Designing control system for the customer. Equipping with components and telescopes

Stage III. Production.

  • Metal dome production.
  • Production of the platform bearing structures.
  • Production of selected control systems. Programming of CS and SW.

Stage IV. Test of dome and control systems at Yarus-tech industrial site in Saint Petersburg in the presence of the customer or his/her representative.

Stage V. Dome transportation to the customer’s site.

Stage VI. Dome installation to the customer’s site.

Stage VII. Adjustment of equipment and control systems. Tests at the customer’s site.

Stage VIII. Interior finishing at the customer’s site.

IMPORTANT:  The stages shall be paid by the customer in advance. The payment terms and structure are determined and recorded in the agreement.

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