We make stars closer. 
Yarus-tech - Russian manufacturer of aluminium observatory domes.

 We were the first over the past 200 years who radically changed observatory dome structure. Dome latest design makes the observing of celestial objects spectacular. Controlled opening of the watch window (from 0.5 to 2.0 m) allows observation of the considerable part of dome of the sky, which is very important for inexperienced user.  We have specified particular requirements to quality and processing of the used materials. Durability, environmental friendliness and aesthetic qualities of the materials, reasoning of the structure, assemblies and mechanisms are the main selection criteria. There is no place for randomness. 

Product range of domes with diameter from 2.5 meters to 7.0 meters satisfies the demands of schools, vocational schools, universities, research institutes and ordinary users, for whom private observatory is the first step to astronomy.  For those who plan to have interesting leisure time for themselves, their relatives and friends, as well as for a great number of advanced astronomers.  Yarus-tech observatories will easily make observation of the sky of stars spectacular and comfortable. Our observatories are spacious for several people, have controlled (!) opening width of the watch window, they are good-looking and presentable.  Observatory will be a remarkable sight for any settlement and an indicator of the owner status.

"Yarus-tech" will build observatory domes of the necessary diameter. Unique design solutions, ingenuity, otherness are main features of our observatories.

School observatories, University observatories, Professional observatories, Home observatories, Observatories for tourist attractions, Special purpose observatories






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