Control systems

Reliable mechanisms* ensure dome rotation and opening.  All electronic elements for control and support are built on the basis of modular principle, which allows to re-equip the observatory according to the owner requirements.

The YT has developed three levels for dome rotation and opening control, depending on the complexity of tasks and user experience: 

Control Level I «Basic»: button control -  press button "Open / Close", "Left / Right."


Control Level II «Professional»: electronic control via PC (notebook) is available.


Control Level III «Robotic»:  remote system for observatory control and operation without a man under dome. For example, equipping of the work room with remote control computer systems, control via iPad (from a lawn near house or from other town...). 

However, these are only approaches to solving tasks of the observatory control.

Each dome is a unique article with its own electronics and technical solutions. 


* Note: only highly reliable and the most up-to-date industrial automation components made in USA, Japan, Germany, Russia, used in petroleum, gas and weapons industry and tested at drillsites, in marine environment and at temperatures up to -40°С, including industrial trusted computers, all weather monitors up to -20°, are used.

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