About Us

Yarus-tech unites unique specialist in the sphere of design, metal working, computer control and robotic engineering, who create professional observatories from aluminium structure of the dome itself to completely automated system operated remotely according to a set program without human interference.


Conception of personal consulting and maintenance is realized for the customers. At all stages of creating of your home (personal) observatory - design, construction, aftersales service - you communicate with one person: your personal consultant who is ready to answer any question and solve any task in the shortest possible time.

Design bureau

The main task of the design bureau is creating and improving of structures of Yarus-tech observatories, bringing assemblies and mechanisms to perfection. Quietness, smooth movement of shutters and rotation, high quality of parts and interior finish, well-considered structures result in convenience and comfort of the observatory owner and guests.

Even today the design bureau is developing new solutions for shape and structures of the new generation dome. New forms and external appearance lines will give new perception of classical forms. New series of observatory complexes concepts will be announced in 2016. 


The observatories are produced and delivered by Aerodetal LLC (Saint Petersburg).

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