New unique structure of observatory dome and well-considered details, except for exact compliance with the astronomical observation requirements, provides new unique possibilities which cannot be provided by conventional observatory:

1. Panoramic opening of the watch window.

Design of watch window shutters allows to perform the required opening from 500 to 2 500 mm. By simple pressing and holding button “Open”.

2. Option of simultaneous installation of 2 large telescopes under one dome.

 Wide opening of watch window allows installation of two telescopes in a row at a distance up to 1 500 mm from each other. At that the drive design permits separate control of shutter opening, i.e. it is possible to open one shutter over the required telescope and have an aperture up 1 250 mm, while the second telescope remains closed. Due to it it is possible to install star-tracking telescope and solar telescope on separate mounts.

3. You can invite guests to observatory.

Large inner space of observatory (floor area near 5 m dome is about 20m2) allows arranging up to 10 guests.

4. Spectacularity for group observations.

Panoramic window makes observation spectacular and comfortable. All guests can observe the fascinating view of the sky of stars. (Note: In conventional domes the observatory guests are in complete darkness and see only a narrow line of the night sky).

5. Continuous enhancement of your observatory.

Modular principle of additional options. All  electronic elements  for control and support are built on the basis of modular principle which allows to re-equip the observatory according to the owner requirements by simple component installation into the complex with a screwdriver, up to Robotic level,  implying complete remote control of observatory and autonomous operation according to a set program without a man.

6. Possibility to equip your observatory with modern professional equipment.

Installation and components on a turnkey basis. Observatory can be supplied in a set with all the required equipment, telescope(s), mounts, computer equipment. Complete adjustment of telescopes and systems, instructing, test observations with the owner are performed

7. You are confident in your observatory 24 hours a day.

The company performs complete client support during the whole observatory service life (in case of regular maintenance). Client Support of   Yarus-tech  performs information technical support of users of  YT observatories on the whole territory of Russia and CIS states 24 hour on-line support.

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